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Viruses and ASM

So, by far my favorite class throughout CS has been my assembler course sophomore year.

Recently, when I began writing a report for Public Speaking about viruses, I was surprised to discover that viruses (which I had previously believed to be mostly written in C) are, in fact, mostly written in assembler! Yatta!

After learning this, I procured several viruses’ source code hastily, and set about dissecting them.

Now, I would not say that I’ll ever do anything more than make a simple virus (just so I can say that I have), but I may detail some of my notes on what I learn here, in case anyone is interested in learning about them too.

I don’t intend to teach someone how to make one (and I couldn’t anyway), but I don’t mind writing about their interesting inner-workings.

If you think you might enjoy such discussion, say so. If not, I can always stick to OS customization and augmentation.

Anyways, it’s always fun to learn new things, and doubly-so when they’re security-related.




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