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Amazing! People actually come here (presumably from my other blog)!

Today I’m going to introduce everyone to something I just myself discovered earlier today; Lunascape.

The Lunascape web browser is a Japanese browser now released in english as well (and 9 other languages). It is unique in that it makes use of all three layout-rendering engines: Trident (the IE backend), Gecko (the FF backend), and Webkit (the… older backend).

It has great skins (though obviously not as many as FF), a great UI (100% customization of ALL controls, mouse gesture support, etc.), and much, much more.

The official website, for all who may be interested.

If you’re a FF fan(I know I was/am), but none too pleased with the recent slowdowns it seems to be experiencing (which I think are related to the new Java version), then chance a gander at Lunascape.

CiREing off. Ttfn.


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